On-Chain Governance

zkSynth's COMP-like governor will allows token holders to have a say in the protocol's decision-making process. The governance system utilizes on-chain governance, which enables token holders to vote on various proposals and determine the future direction of the protocol. This ensures that the protocol is truly decentralized and that the community has a direct say in its development.


One of the key benefits of zkSynth's token-based governance is the support for token delegation. Token delegation allows token holders to delegate their voting rights to a trusted third party, such as a community member or a liquidity provider. This allows token holders to participate in the governance process even if they do not have the time or expertise to make informed decisions. The on-chain governance contract is transparent and auditable, ensuring that all token holders have the ability to review and verify the outcome of each vote. This ensures that the governance process is fair and that the community's voice is heard.

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