zkSynth is a trustless synthetic asset issuance and trading protocol that enables users to trade without slippage on chain.

Offering trustless creation of synthetic assets through shared debt pools, and trading on-chain without slippage. zkSynth is focused on providing low risk, low fee synthetics framework, with maximum capital efficiency that expands the limits of DeFi.

With focus on bring TradFi (Traditional Finance) and Cross-Chain Assets (BTC, XRP, ADA) to the world of DeFi, we aim to provide a platform for all types of investors to trade and speculate on the price movements of assets without any restrictions/regulations.

Our Range is Range

We offers a wide and diverse range of assets, such as Foreign Currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Cross-chain Cryptocurrencies and much more without relying on bridges or custody. By buying synthetic assets, users can speculate on the price movements of these assets without actually owning them.

Trading is made easy with no slippage for synthetic asset pairs, no impermanent losses through atomic swaps and upto 125x leverage on trading with margin on synthetics

Community Owned

zkSynth is also trustless, it's decentralized governance, protocol owned by users and revenue sharing with token holders.


We have focused highly on security and risk management, data feeds are secured by multiple decentralized oracle networks such as ChainLink and Pyth Network, it's backed by a pool of native assets.

ZKSynth is built on SynthEx's Synthetic Architecture. Audited By Blaize Security. View Audit Report

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